Speaking Out Loud – Empowerment through community-based media

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In a time of widespread backlash against the rights of both women and migrants, as well rising inequality and increasing conflicts on local and global levels, it is important to protect spaces where people affected by those restrictions and changes can talk about their perspectives. Community-based media is one such space, where voices which are underrepresented in mainstream media can be heard. Community-based media gives people the chance to produce their own content, irrespective of their background, education, skills, gender, residency status and much more. This plays a key role in encouraging people to become independent actors and participate actively in the democratic process.

The three partner organisations:

  • Frauen*solidarität (Austria)
  • Cyprus Community Media Centre / CCMC (Cyprus)
  • Panjabi Centre / Desi Radio (United Kingdom)

brought their expertise and experience in working with women and ethnic minorities together with experience in using community media as a mediator in conflict situations in a project entitled ‘Speaking Out Loud’ (2016-2018).