Frauen*solidarität, ÖFSE and BAOBAB jointly run the
C3–Library for International Development, the largest academic and educational library on international development, women/gender and global learning in Austria.
For your research, please use C3Search+, the search engine for international development and women/gender issues:


Global Female Future- Book Cover Ernst, Andrea et al. (Hrsg.) Global Female Future 2022 Mehr zum Buch
Reclaiming Two-Spirits- Book Cover Smithers, Gregory D. Reclaiming Two-Spirits 2022 Mehr zum Buch
A Feminist Theory of Violence- Book Cover Vergès, Françoise A Feminist Theory of Violence 2022 Mehr zum Buch
Hijab- Book Cover Jessica El Menshawi et al. (Hrsg.) Hijab 2022 Mehr zum Buch
Rufe aus der Vergangenheit- Book Cover Hall, Rebecca Rufe aus der Vergangenheit 2022 Mehr zum Buch
The Kurdish Women’s Movement- Book Cover Dirik, Dilar The Kurdish Women’s Movement 2022 Mehr zum Buch
Our Time Is Now- Book Cover James, Selma Our Time Is Now 2021 Mehr zum Buch
The Economies of Queer Inclusion- Book Cover Rodriguez, S. M. The Economies of Queer Inclusion 2019 Mehr zum Buch
Maya Angelou- Book Cover Wagner-Martin, Linda Maya Angelou 2021 Mehr zum Buch
Unsere Kraft trägt uns voran- Book Cover Moser, Maria Magdalena Unsere Kraft trägt uns voran 2022 Mehr zum Buch
The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion- Book Cover Hoskins, Tansy E. The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion 2022 Mehr zum Buch



We are happy to support and advise you in writing and drafting scientific papers about the topics we focus on. Please contact us by e-mail to or by telephone at +43/1/317 40 20-400.

Library tours and training

For groups of five or more, we offer tours of the library to share information about the collection and its use as well as tips and tricks for literature research. We are happy to adapt the duration, content focus and level to the respective group. Please make an appointment by e-mail to or by phone at +43/1/ 317 40 20-400.

Borrowing and use

You can find all information about using the library here:

Use META for searching the holdings of more than 30 lesbian/women’s archives and libraries in German-speaking countries.

Pre-academic papers & diploma theses

We are particularly interested in supporting students with their pre-academic papers (VWA) or diploma theses. If you have any questions about finding a topic or research question or about literature research, please contact us by e-mail to or by phone at +43/1/317 40 20-400.

Here, in the C3 library, you will find many current examples of how a topic can be processed to pave the way to a pre-academic paper or diploma thesis, as well as information on the C3 Award, which is presented to students for exciting work every year.