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About the magazine frauen*solidarität

Reflecting on global power relations from a feminist perspective? This is what the frauen*solidarität magazine has been doing since 1982. As the only feminist development policy magazine in the German-speaking world, it supplies information about transnational women’s and LGBTIQ+ movements, feminisms and global women’s rights. Each issue has a different focus, be it climate justice, workers’ rights or literature. The authors come from all over the world because it is important to us to show different perspectives.


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Scientific literature, international journals, movement literature, grey literature and fiction about the following topics


    1. International feminist theories
    2. Women in Development / Gender and Development
    3. Global women’s rights
    4. International women’s and LGBTIQ+-movements
    5. Migration


can be found in in the Frauen*solidarität collection of the C3-Bibliothek für Entwicklungspolitik.

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