The Palgrave Handbook of Critical Race and Gender

Intersektionalität / Dekolonisation / Postkolonialismus / Schwarze Frau / Weißsein / Muslimin / Panafrikanismus / Indigene / Black Lives Matter / Antirassismus / Apartheid / Feminismus / Schwarzer Feminismus / Gender / Woman of Color / Identität / Transgender / Migration / Flucht / Patriarchat / Männlichkeit / Großbritannien / Lateinamerika / Sinti / Roma / Türkei / Haiti / Pazifischer Raum / Chile / Brasilien / Karibik / Ecuador / Südafrika, Republik

This handbook unravels the complexities of the global and local entanglements of race, gender and intersectionality within racial capitalism in times of #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, the Chilean uprising, Anti-Muslim racism, backlash against trans and queer politics, and global struggles against modern colonial femicide and extractivism. Contributors chart intersectional and decolonial perspectives on race and gender research across North America, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and South Africa, centering theoretical understandings of how these categories are imbricated and how they operate and mean individually and together. This book offers new ways to think about what is absent/present and why, how erasure works in historical and contemporary theoretical accounts of the complexity of lived experiences of race and gender, and how, as new issues arise, intersectionalities (re)emerge in the politics of race and gender.