Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa

Geschlecht / Gender / Reproduktive Gesundheit / Reproduktive Rechte / Sexuelle Rechte / Afrika südlich der Sahara / Gesundheit

This book provides a clear and detailed examination of why it is so difficult to secure comprehensive political engagement and actionable, effective policy on sexual and reproductive health rights in sub-Saharan Africa. In an engaging analysis, Nana Poku employs expert knowledge to examine the prospects for large-scale improvements. He explores not only the full range of normative sensitivities, but also conceptual misunderstandings, legal difficulties and complex challenges of securing and maintaining adequate funding while AIDS remains a pandemic in the region. Up-to-date, succinct yet highly detailed, lucid and compelling in its diagnoses of highly complex issues, this book is a valuable, accessible study of a topic that is regional in focus but with clear global implications.