Queer Social Movements and Activism in Indonesia and Malaysia

Indonesien / Malaysia / Queer-Theorie / LGBTQI / Queer / Transgender / Bewegung / Aktivismus / Ethnologie

This book examines queer activism and queer social movements (QSMs) in Indonesia and Malaysia, broadly engaging with these topics on three different levels: macro (global and national discourses), meso (organizational level – activities), and micro (individual – the activist). The micro level perspective allows for moving beyond the “traditional” political movement paradigm by understanding activism in Foucauldian terms as the ethics of the self (Foucault, 1984). In other words, the queer subject is seen as an active agent in taking care of the self by queering/resisting gender norms as well as heteronormative practices and regimes in their social environment through embodiment and actions. This kind of ethical being has the potential to build support and community between and amongst individuals.