Prevention of Violence against Women and Girls

Gewalt gegen Frauen / Entwicklungszusammenarbeit / Entwicklungshilfeprogramm / Millennium Entwicklungsziele

Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls argues that women and girls are vulnerable across all areas of society, and that therefore a commitment to end violence against women and girls needs to be embedded into all development programmes, regardless of sectorial focus. This book presents an innovative framework for sensitisation and action across development programmes, based on emerging best practices and lessons learnt, and illustrated through a number of country contexts and a range of programmes. Overall, it argues that SDG 5 can only be achieved with a systematic model for mainstreaming an end to violence against women and girls, no matter what the priorities of the particular development programme might be. Demonstrating how the approach can be applied across contexts, the authors explore cases from the energy sector, health and humanitarian intervention, and from countries as varied as South Sudan, Myanmar, Rwanda, Nepal, and Kenya.