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Storytelling and Empowerment
Workshop mit Maia Chitaia

Do, 4. April 2019, 16.00-21.00 Uhr 
Radio ORANGE 94.0, Klosterneuburger Straße 1 (Ecke Gaußplatz), 1200 Wien

Personal storytelling has a magnificent power in modern journalism. It gives the reader the sense of reality, without distorting it. It increases the credibility and reliability through triggering the emotional factors that finally lead the storyteller to empowerment and the reader to a sense of solidarity.

During the workshop, we will learn how to create the best personal story. We will discuss the following questions:

  • Which techniques can be used during the interview?
  • How to investigate the personal feelings and emotions of the respondents during the interview?
  • How to prepare oneself for the in-depth interview?
  • Which writing methods help? Can we describe reality through fiction techniques?

Trainer: Maia Chitaia is a journalist and has recently graduated from the Master of Gender Studies. She is an activist in the women’s movement in Georgia. She is one of the authors and initiators of the feminist platform ‘Women of Georgia’ ((https://womenofgeorgia.ge/en) which presents more than 250 personal stories of women from different social backgrounds, age groups and geographic locations.

The training addresses professional media representatives as well as newcomers in media. The workshop will be delivered in English, but it is possible to conduct and to present the interviews in German.

>>> The training is free of charge.

>>> To apply, please send an e-mail to: p.pint@frauensolidaritaet.org by March 27th, 2019; we will let you know about your application until April 1st, 2019

The workshop is organized by Frauen*solidarität in cooperation with Radio ORANGE 94.0

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