WIDE - Women in Development Europe (Ö)
Network of feminist development experts

Women in Development Europe

Association for Women's Rights in Development

Development Alternatives With Women For A New Era

The Catholic Women’s Movement of Austria supports many projects sponsored by women in the Global South with donations and advocates for gender equality in developmental policy

UN Women
National Committee- Austria

OECD - Gender, Institutions and Development
The database of the OECD covers data for 162 countries worldwide and includes 60 indicators related to gender discrimination. For the first time, institutional and cultural factors are being quantitatively evaluated. This includes marriage law (like polygamy) and also norms and traditions (e.g. the legal regulation of the access that women and men have to land and capital).

Association of World Council of Church-Related Development Organisations in Europe. Everywhere and Nowhere: Assessing Gender Mainstreaming in EU Development Cooperation (Oct.2002, Studie)

International Women's Development Agency
Australian development agency for the advancement of women’s rights around the world

Marie-Schlei-Verein (registered association)
For over 20 years, this NGO has promoted projects for the education and training of women that are carried out by local women’s groups and organisations in developing countries.

GWA - Gender and Water Alliance
Gender and water

Women's Environment & Development Organization

The face of gender of the international financial institution

Women's Networks and Organisations

Women’s organisations and networks in Austria

Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (Zypern)
Database for women’s organisations in the Mediterranean

Global Fund for Women
A foundation in the USA that supports activities in the realm of women’s and human rights

Women Living Under Muslim Laws
An international network that informs and supports women in Islam and gives them a space where their voices can be heard

International Women's Movements

Center for Women's Global Leadership

International Women's Tribute Centre

Mujeres Hoy
Violence Against Latin Women in the USA

Academics and Development Policy

feminIEsta queer_post-colonial_development-critical
Gathers work outcomes, projects and initiatives that the Institute for International Development of the University of Vienna has thwarted.

Frauenreferat ÖH
Women’s Department of the Austrian National Union of Students

Frauenförderung Universität Wien
Department for the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality of the University of Vienna

Women’s network of Johannes Kepler University of Linz

Referat Genderforschung Uni Wien
Virtual marketplace for gender researchers

Interface for ethnomedical exchange and contact

EZA Österreich
All of the important information about Austrian developmental policy at a glance

One World
Current information regarding developmental policy NGOs.

Information about the Society for Communication and Development

Austrian Development Cooperation
The establishment of the Austrian Development Cooperation

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