Bint El Nas (Arab World/USA)
A site for women who consider themselves lesbian, bisexual, transgender and/or queer, including female-to-male and male-to-female, and who identify themselves culturally or ethnically with the arab world. This site is also for women of mixed ethnicities, as well as non-arab women of minority groups within the arab world.

Blue Diamond Society (Nepal)
The only Nepalese organisation for sexual minorities, established in 2001.

Centro Cultural de la Diversidad Sexual de Costa Rica
Cultural center for sexual diversity in Costa Rica; this website features background information for lesbian, gay, and transgender people on human rights, health, AIDS, etc, and provides information on current activities.

GALA - Gay and Lesbian Archives of South Africa
GALA collects books, videos, and archives on lesbian and gay people in South Africa.

GALZ - Gay and Lesbians of Zimbabwe
A network established in 1989 in Zimbabwe that does conscious work and works in cooperation with human rights organisations, women’s organisations and AIDS organisations.

ILGA - International Lesbian and Gay Association
A worldwide network of national and local groups, established in 1978, that advocates for the rights of the LGBT community.

LeSVOZ - Cultura Lésbica Feminista (Mexico)
Organisation of the Mexican lesbian community, established in 1994, that publishes a magazine of the same name; the content of the website includes articles, news and reports on network activities.

Queer-feminist blog (Vienna)

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