Women and social change in North Africa

Algerien / Empowerment / Frauenhaus / Frauenrechte / Islamischer Feminismus / Marokko / MENA-Region / Migration / Mikro-Kredit / Nordafrika / Rechtswissenschaft / Sozio-politischer Wandel / Tunesien / Ägypten

Women’s voices are brought to the fore in this comprehensive analysis of women and social change in North Africa. Focusing on grass-roots perspectives, readers will gain a rare glimpse into how both the intentional and unintentional actions of men and women contribute to societal transformation. Most chapters are based on extensive field work that illuminates the real-life experiences, advocacy, and agency of women in the region. The book considers frequently less studied issues including migration, legal changes, oral and written law, Islamic feminism, and grass-roots activism. It also looks at the effectiveness of shelters for abused women and the changes that occurred in the wake of the 2011 Arab uprisings, as well as challenging conventional notions of feminist agency by examining Salafi women’s life choices. Recommended for students and scholars, as well as international development professionals with an interest in the MENA region.