Sasinda Futhi Siselapha (still here)

Film / Kulturwissenschaften / Kunst / Lyrik / Mandela, Winnie / Post-Apartheid / Postkolonialismus / Schwarzer Feminismus / Südafrika, Republik / Woman of Color

Sasinda and Siselapha (Still Here) is a fearless interdisciplinary collection of contemporary criticism in the arts and humanities. Authors examine the period after the legal end of apartheid across genre. Nthabiseng Motsemme examines how women’s testimonies at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission drew on African traditional religions; Sharlene Khan explores the hateful art criticism that has become the norm in response to women artists; Peter Hudson scrutinizes the colonial unconscious reproducing itself through capitalist property relations; Natalia Molebatsi theorizes about the poetry scene and cross-generational healing; Ashraf Jamal asks how „African“ is African art; Bhavisha Panchia offers a provocative argument for the use of laughter, humor and play as cultural repertoire; Derilene (Dee) Marco studies the cinematic legacies of Coetzee’s Disgrace; Robert Muponde and Abebe Zegeye write about the legacies of „white writing.“ Tiffany Willoughby-Herard foregrounds preeminent theorists in feminist African and African Diaspora Studies from June Jordan to Sibongile Khumalo to Mary Rahube to offer us renderings of the meanings of an ongoing and spirit-filled struggle with potential victory. This book is an important contribution to the study of culture in the new dispensation in South Africa and beyond.