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The politics of gender : a survey
ed. by Yoke-Lian Lee. - 1. ed.. - London : Routledge, 2010. - XV, 384 S. : Ill. ; 24 cm. - (The politics of ... series) ISBN 978-1-85743-493-4 (hbk.) £130.00 - ISBN 1-85743-493-5 (hbk.) £130.00
Geschlechterrolle / Aufsatzsammlung ; Roma <Volk> / Männliche Identität / Frauenhandel / Gewalt gegen Frauen ; International ; (A); Osteuropa ; (Tb); Afrikanische Union ; (S); Film ; (If~Kb); Internationale Beziehungen ; (Bc); Klimawandel ; (Ob~Oe); Menschenhandel ; (Gd); Migration ; (Gc); Journalismus ; (Kb); Imperialismus ; (Lb~Lc); Genozid ; (Gd~Le); Friedenspolitik ; (Ba~Bb); Menschenrechte ; (Lk~Pb); Lexikon ; (Kc)

This title addresses the major theme of the politics of gender. Chapters on a variety of issues, contributed by experts in the field of gender, include Human Trafficking and EU Law, Gender in International Relations, Gender Politics of Philosphy/Political Theory, the Construction of Masculinity in Hollywood Movies, the Politics of Law, the Situation of Romani Women in Eastern und Central Europe, Gender Politics and Climate Change, Gender and Genocide, and the Politics of Mainstreaming Gender in the Peace and Security Agenda of the African Union. An A-Z glossary offers supplementary information on key terms, with entries including abortion, commission on the status of women, difference, ecofeminism, equal access, gender and development, human rights, intersectionality, migration, population control, reproductive health and rights, and sex tourism.


I A 2474
Critical transnational feminist praxis
ed. by Amanda Lock Swarr ; Richa Nagar. - Albany, NY : SUNY Press, 2010. - XI, 232 S. . - (Theory in action) ISBN 978-1-4384-2937-3 hardcover : alk. paper - ISBN 978-1-4384-2938-0 pbk. : alk. paper
Feminismus / Kulturvergleich / Aufsatzsammlung

Transnationalisierung Provocative, timely, and global, this volume offers a critical and grounded engagement with transnational feminism through the lens of praxis-the juncture of theory and practice. In so doing, it grapples with questions of power and representation while remaining deeply committed to radical critiques and agendas of transnational and postcolonial feminisms. Long-time activists and well-known scholars speak to a wide range of issues and practices, including women's studies curricula; NGOs; transnational and LGBTQ studies; feminist methodologies; and film. These essays similarly conceptualize ways to more effectively theorize feminist collaborative practices while subverting such rigid, established dichotomies as theory/practice, academic/activist, individual/collaborative, and the global North/South. A number of transnational projects are highlighted: the Guyanese Red Thread collective; the Ananya Dance Theatre; the Philippine Women Centre of British Columbia; the Filipino-Canadian Youth Alliance; the VIVA! Project; and the Indian organization, Sangtin. Comprehensive in scope and rigorous in critical scrutiny, these powerful essays set the twenty-first-century agenda for political engagement through feminist scholarship.


I D 663
Ali, Nadje Sadig al-
What kind of liberation? : women and the occupation of Iraq
Nadje Al-Ali and Nicola Pratt ; foreword by Cynthia Enloe. - Berkeley, Calif. ; London : Univ. of California Press, 2009. - xviii, 221 p., [13] p. of plates : ill, ports ; 24cmBibliography: p. 187-206, Includes index ISBN 978-0-520-25729-0 hbk. - ISBN 0-520-25729-4 (hbk.) : £14.95
Irak / Frau / Geschichte 2003 - 2009 ; Frauenrechte ; (Gk); Frauenbewegung ; (Ld)

In the run-up to war in Iraq, the Bush administration assured the world that America's interest was in liberation-especially for women. The first book to examine how Iraqi women have fared since the invasion, What Kind of Liberation? reports from the heart of the war zone with dire news of scarce resources, growing unemployment, violence, and seclusion. Moreover, the book exposes the gap between rhetoric that placed women center stage and the present reality of their diminishing roles in the "new Iraq." Based on interviews with Iraqi women's rights activists, international policy makers, and NGO workers and illustrated with photographs taken by Iraqi women, What Kind of Liberation? speaks through an astonishing array of voices. Nadje Al-Ali and Nicola Pratt correct the widespread view that the country's violence, sectarianism, and systematic erosion of women's rights come from something inherent in Muslim, Middle Eastern, or Iraqi culture. They also demonstrate how in spite of competing political agendas, Iraqi women activists are resolutely pressing to be part of the political transition, reconstruction, and shaping of the new Iraq.


I E 942
East Asian sexualities : modernity, gender & new sexual cultures
ed. by Stevi Jackson ; Liu Jieyu ; d Woo Juhyun. - London [u.a.] : Zed Books, 2008. - XIII, 242 S. ISBN 978-1-84277-888-3 (hbk.) - ISBN 1-84277-888-9 (hbk.)
Ostasien / Sexualität / Aufsatzsammlung Lesbische Liebe / Lesbenbewegung / Sexuelle Rechte / Sexuelle Belästigung ; Women / Sexual behavior / East Asia ; Sex role / East Asia ; Women / Sexual behavior / East Asia / Case studies ; Sex role / East Asia / Case studies Japan ; (Tc); Südkorea ; (Tc); China VR ; (Tc); Taiwan ; (Tc); Prostitution ; (Gd); Homosexualität ; (Nc/Nd); Migration ; (Gc); Ehe ; (Gf)

This book paints a vivid picture of women's active involvement in reshaping intimate and public sexual life in East Asia. In bringing together exciting new feminist research on sexuality from East Asia and making it available to a wider audience, East Asian Sexualities unsettles stereotypes, rectifies lack of awareness and demonstrates that East Asia matters. The chapters address the diversity and variety of everyday sexual lives and sexual politics in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. They range from workplace sexual cultures, trans-national sexual relations, the conditions of sex-work and the emergence of new sexual desires, cultures and movements. The contributors highlight the gendered and sexual consequences of globalization and rapid social change. In doing so, they engage with western debates on late modernity while also exploring the contested understandings of modernization and westernization in the East. This is a collection which illuminates the local situations in which women's sexual lives are lived and offers fresh perspectives on global issues.


I F 1032
Francis, Donette
Fictions of feminine citizenship : sexuality and the nation in contemporary Caribbean literature
1 . Aufl.. - New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2010. - VIII, 191 S. ISBN 978-0-230-61987-6 hbk.
Karibik / Frauenroman / Sexualverhalten / Nationalbewusstsein <Motiv> / Geschichte ; Literaturkritik ; Karibischer Raum ; (Td)

Fictions of Feminine Citizenship charts an alternative history of racial and sexual formation in the Caribbean. It examines the ways in which the socialization of female sexuality and the violence of sexual intimacies have mattered to imperialist and nationalist understandings and practices of citizenship. The book moves across historical periods and national contexts ranging from nineteenth-century indentureship in Jamaica to early twentieth-century American military intervention in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Trinidad. Through an interdisciplinary and comparative study of novels by contemporary diasporic Caribbean women writers, Donette Francis demonstrates that the sexual realities of women and girls challenge conventional regional histories. Francis defines this emergent feminist literature as "antiromance," and argues that these novels contest the heteronormative model of coupling that underwrites constructions of home, family, nation, and diaspora in the Caribbean. Writing against the critical impulse to underscore women's agency, Francis considers instead how Caribbean female subjects dwell in liminal spaces of both vulnerability and possibility.


I A 2473
Gutiérrez Rodriguez, Encarnación
Migration, domestic work and affect : a decolonial approach on value and the feminization of labor
1. publ.. - New York, NY : Routledge, 2010. - XIII, 220 S. : Ill. . - (Routledge research in gender and society ; 26) ISBN 978-0-415-99473-6 (hbk.) : £60.00 - ISBN 978--0-203-84866-1 (ebk)
Migration / Arbeitswelt / Migrantin / Hausarbeit / Lateinamerikanerin; Österreich ; (Te); Deutschland BR ; (Te); Spanien ; (Te); Grossbritannien ; (Te); Hausangestellte ; (Gb)

Domestic and care work in private households is now the largest employment sector for migrant women. This book sheds light on these households through its focus on the interpersonal relationships between Latin American "undocumented migrant" domestic workers and employers in Austria, Germany, Spain and the UK. The personal experiences of these women form the basis for Gutiérrez-Rodríguez's decolonial analysis of the feminization of labor in private households and cultural analysis of domestic work as affective labor. This book will be a necessary voice in the debates on citizenship, cosmopolitanism, and migrant workers' rights.


I C 909
Carter, Katherine
Cape Verdean women and globalization : the politics of gender, culture, and resistance
Katherine Carter ; Judy Aulette
1. publ.. - New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. - IX, 196 S. : Ill. ; 22 cm, 23 cm ISBN 978-0-230-61808-4 (hbk.) £50.00 - ISBN 0-230-61808-1 (hbk.) £50.00
Kapverdische Inseln / Frau ; Kap Verde ; (Ta); Gender ; (Gc/Gf); Globalisierung ; (Bc~Gg~Rb); Lebensbedingungen ; (Gg~Gk~Rk)

Cape Verde Women and Globalization employs critical ethnography and critical discourse analysis to explore what Cape Verdeans have to say about women's lives in the era of twenty-first century globalization. The authors investigate the economic and personal difficulties they face such as poverty, managing single mother-headed households, and violence. They also examine the ways women resist the challenges globalization has brought to them especially through cultural expressions of batuku dancing and Creole language. Using the framework of Patricia Hill Collins' intersectionality theory, Cape Verde Women and Globalization concludes that scholars need to make central the links among the concepts of oppression, resistance, culture, and gender in order to "see" the lives of women and especially in order to identify the bridges to political change. Each chapter also includes a "reflections on methods" section to reveal the journey the authors took in undertaking this project from its earliest conceptualization to their conclusions.


I E 947
Thapan, Meenakshi
Living the body : embodiment, womanhood and identity in contemporary India
1. publ.. - Los Angeles, Calif. [u.a.] : SAGE, 2009. - XXI, 190 S. ; 23cm ISBN 978-81-7829901-3 (cased) : £29.99 cased
Indien / Frau / Geschlechterrolle ; Indien / Frau / Leiblichkeit ; Geschlechteridentität ; Indien ; (Tc)

This is a book about embodiment and identity in the context of particular women's lives in an urban setting. It is concerned with the development of a sociology of embodiment in the context of women's lives in contemporary, urban India. The focus on embodiment is mediated by gender and class, two critical elements that constitute identity in relation to embodiment. The study is based on material collected from interviews with working class women in an urban slum and with professional, upper class women, with young women in secondary schools and from material from a women's magazine. Apart from theoretical considerations, the book gives centrality to women's voice in the construction of her identity as an embodied being, located in particular socio-economic settings in urban India. The book also attempts to provide an understanding of resistance in the context of women's lives, both as a conceptual tool and a strategy in everyday life.


I A 2469
Woodward, Kath
Why feminism matters : feminism lost and found
Kath Woodward and Sophie Woodward. - 1. publ.. - Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. - VII, 192 S. ; 23 cm Formerly CIP Uk. - ISBN 978-0-230-21619-8 (hbk.) £52.00 - ISBN 0-230-21619-6 (hbk.) £52.00
Feminismus ; Feministische Theorie

This book is an innovative and creative critique of the theories and practices of feminism, revealing why it still matters in the 21st century, written by a mother and daughter author team. The co-authorship of the book reflects a cross-generational dialogue within feminism, which demonstrates feminisms continued relevance in the 21st century. Kath and Sophie Woodward write as two situated people who challenge the current distancing of feminist theories from lived experience and use discussion between past and present feminisms to reinvigorate what it means to speak as a woman and to engage with feminist politics today. Beginning with young women's voices in the present, the book develops the themes which link representations to materialities through a discussion of feminist methodologies, technological changes, difference and equality, bodies and embodiment and the invisibility and visibility of women, all of which are used to explore and argue the relevance of a politics of difference.


I C 908
Masquelier, Adeline Marie
Women and Islamic revival in a West African town
Bloomington, Ind. : Indiana Univ. Press, 2009. - XXVIII, 343 S. ; 24 cmFormerly CIP Uk. - ISBN 978-0-253-21513-0 (pbk.) £20.99
Dogondoutchi / Muslimin / Lebensbedingungen ; Niger / Frau / Islam

In the small town of Dogondoutchi, Niger, Malam Awal, a charismatic Sufi preacher, was recruited by local Muslim leaders to denounce the practices of reformist Muslims. Malam Awal's message has been viewed as a mixed blessing by Muslim women who have seen new definitions of Islam and Muslim practice impact their place and role in society. This study follows the career of Malam Awal and documents the engagement of women in the religious debates that are refashioning their everyday lives. Adeline Masquelier reveals how these women have had to define Islam on their own terms, especially as a practice that governs education, participation in prayer, domestic activities, wedding customs, and who wears the veil and how. Masquelier's richly detailed narrative presents new understandings of what it means to be a Muslim woman in Africa today.


I A 2470
Bose, Mandakranta
Women in the Hindu tradition : rules, roles and exceptions
London : Routledge, 2010. - XII, 170 S. : Ill. ; 23 cm. - (Routledge Hindu studies series) Formerly CIP Uk ISBN 978-0-415-77814-5 (hbk.) £75.00 - ISBN 0-415-77814-X (hbk.) £75.00
Hinduismus / Frau ; Religion ; (Me); Gender ; (Gc/Gf)

This book accounts for the origin and evolution of the nature and roles of women within the Hindu belief system. It explains how the idea of the goddess has been derived from Hindu philosophical ideas and texts of codes of conduct and how particular models of conduct for mortal women have been created. Hindu religious culture correlates philosophical speculation and social imperatives to situate femininity on a continuum from divine to mortal existence. This creates in the Hindu consciousness multiple - often contradictory - images of women, both as wielders and subjects of authority. The conception and evolution of the major Hindu goddesses, placed against the judgments passed by texts of Hindu sacred law on women's nature and duties, illuminate the Hindu discourse on gender, the complexity of which is compounded by the distinctive spirituality of female ascetic poets. Drawing on a wide range of Sanskrit texts, the author explains how the idea of the goddess has been derived from Hindu philosophical ideas and also from the social roles of women as reflected in, and prescribed by, texts of codes of conduct. She examines the idea of female divinity which gave rise to models of conduct for mortal women. Instead of a one-way order of ideological derivation, the author argues that there is constant traffic between both ways the notional and the actual feminine. This book brings together for the first time a wide range of material and offers fresh stimulating interpretations of women in the Hindu Tradition.


I A 2478
Die Ordnung der Mutter : Wege aus dem Patriarchat ; Dokumentation des Internationalen MutterGipfels 2008
Uschi Madeisky ( - 1. Aufl.. - Rüsselsheim : Göttert, 2010. - 282 S. : Ill. ; 205 mm x 145 mm, 456 gr. ISBN 978-3-939623-25-0 GEH. : EUR 19.80
Mutterschaft / Matriarchat / Kongress / Karlsruhe <2008> ; Schamanismus / Heilerin ; Palau ; (Tc); Algerien ; (Ta); Vietnam ; (Tc); China VR ; (Tc); Mexiko ; (Td); Naturheilkunde ; (Nc); Kapitalismus ; (Lb~Lc~Rg); Kritik ; (A); Familie ; (Gf)

Was bedeutet die Tatsache, dass alles Leben von einer Mutter geboren wird? Wie gehen matriarchale Gesellschaften damit um? Was würde eine Gesellschaft auszeichnen, in deren Wertesystem "Mütterlichkeit" - d.h. Fürsorglichkeit für alles Lebendige - an erster Stelle steht? VertreterInnen heutiger matriarchaler Gesellschaften und Expertinnen aus aller Welt berichten von ihren Erkenntnissen und Erfahrungen. Zahlreiche Fotos vermitteln Eindrücke von der lebendigen Atmosphäre des Kongresses, auf dem sich rund 500 Frauen in Karlsruhe trafen, um ihren Visionen von einer besseren Gesellschaft auch mit Tänzen, Meditationen, Ausstellungen und Infoständen nachzuspüren und in vielen Gesprächen zu konkretisieren.


Piñeiro, Claudia
Elena weiss Bescheid
Aus dem Span. von Peter Kultzen. - Dt. Erstausg.. - Zürich : Unionsverl., 2009. - 186 S. ; 20 cm Einheitssacht.: Elena sabe <dt.> ISBN 978-3-293-00404-7 geb. : EUR 16.90, sfr 29.90 (freier Pr.)
Argentinien / Tochter / Tod / Mutter / Verstehen / Belletristische Darstellung / Roman

Jede glaubt, sie habe sich für die andere geopfert. Nun kommt die Stunde der Wahrheit. Die Tochter wird tot aufgefunden, erhängt im Glockenturm der Kirche. Doch Elena, die Mutter, kann oder will nicht glauben, dass Rita sich das Leben genommen hat. Für die alte Dame gibt es nur eine Möglichkeit, hinter das Geheimnis um Ritas Tod zu kommen: Sie muss mit einer Frau sprechen, der sie und ihre Tochter vor zwanzig Jahren geholfen haben. Dafür muss Elena ins Stadtzentrum fahren - ein schwieriges und riskantes Unterfangen für jemanden, der an Parkinson in fortgeschrittenem Stadium leidet. Wenn die Wirkung ihres Medikaments endet, wird sie wieder in bewegungsloser Starre versinken. Am Ende muss Elena eine Wahrheit erfahren, mit der sie nicht gerechnet hat.


Subercaseaux, Elizabeth
Eine fast perfekte Affäre : Roman
Aus d. Span. von Maria Hoffmann-Dartevelle. - München ; Zürich : Pendo, 2010. - 222 S. ; 21 cm Einheitssacht.: <<Un>> romance casi perfecto <dt.> ISBN 978-3-86612-195-9 Gb. : EUR 17.95, EUR 18.50 (AT), sfr 31.90 (freier Pr.)
Santiago de Chile / Ehefrau / Mittleres Lebensalter / Liebesbeziehung / Richter / Belletristische Darstellung ; Richter / Geliebte / Mord / Journalist / Recherche / Belletristische Darstellung ; Roman ; Chile ; (Td)

Sie haben eine "fast perfekte Affäre": Sechs Jahre lang gelingt es Amalia Griffin, Ehefrau eines reichen Geschäftsmanns, und dem höchst angesehenen Richter Juan Manuel Rementería, ihre Liebesbeziehung geheim zu halten. Bis ein neuer Mann in Amalias Leben tritt. Bis sie Rementería gesteht, dass sie sich von ihm trennen will. Und bis sie kurz darauf in den frühen Morgenstunden beim Golfspiel erschossen wird. Eine Tat, die nicht nur Rementería unter Verdacht stellt, sondern auch Amalias beste Freundin und einen unfreiwilligen Zeugen in Mitleidenschaft zieht. Auf unheilvolle Weise hat jeder der drei sich schuldig gemacht - und das Doppelleben, das sie allesamt führen, ist bedroht. Denn der Schrecken des Todes fördert die Geheimnisse des Lebens unweigerlich zutage.


I A 2467
Eco-sufficiency & global justice : women write political ecology
ed. by Ariel Salleh. - London ; New York, N.Y. : Pluto Press, 2009. - XII, 324 S. ; 22 Cm Formerly CIP Uk. - ISBN 978-0-7453-2863-8 (pbk. : Pluto Press) £19.99 - ISBN 0-7453-2863-6 (pbk. : Pluto Press)
Umweltpolitik / Nachhaltigkeit ; Globalisierung / Frau / Ökologie

As the twenty-first century faces a crisis of democracy and sustainability, this book attempts to bring academics and alternative globalisation activists into conversation. Through studies of global neoliberalism, ecological debt, climate change, and the ongoing devaluation of reproductive and subsistence labour, these uncompromising essays by internationally distinguished women thinkers expose the limits of current scholarship in political economy, ecological economics, and sustainability science. The book introduces groundbreaking theoretical concepts for talking about humanity-nature links and will be a challenging read for activists and for students of political economy, environmental ethics, global studies, sociology, women's studies, and critical geography.


I E 945
Hewamanne, Sandya
Stitching identities in a free trade zone : gender and politics in Sri Lanka
Philadelphia, Pa. : Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 2008. - 287 S. : Ill. ; 23cm. - (Contemporary ethnography) Formerly CIP ISBN 978-0-8122-2112-1
Sri Lanka / Frauenarbeit / Freihandelszone ; Arbeitsmigrantin

Anthropologist Sandya Hewamanne spent time in a Sri Lankan free trade zone (FTZ) working and living among the workers to learn about their lives. "They were poor women from rural areas," Hewamanne writes, "who migrated to do garment work in transnational factories of a global assembly line. Their difficult work routines and sad living conditions have been examined in detail. When I was with them I often wondered whether anyone noticed the smiles, winks, smirks, gestures, tones of voice, the movies they saw, or the songs they sang." Hewamanne deftly weaves theories of identity, globalization, and cultural politics throughout her detailed accounts of the workers' efforts to negotiate ever shifting roles and expectations of gender, class, and sexuality. By analyzing how these workers claim political subjectivity, Hewamanne's Stitching Identities in a Free Trade Zone challenges conventional notions about women at the bottom of the global economy. The book offers a fascinating journey through the vibrant subaltern universe of Sri Lankan female migrant workers, from the FTZ factory shop floor to boarding houses, from urban movie theaters to temples and beaches and back to their native rural villages.


I E 946
As normal as possible : negotiating sexuality and gender in mainland China and Hong Kong
ed. by Yau Ching. - Hong Kong : Hong Kong Univ. Press, 2010. - XI, 218 S. : Ill. ; 23 cm. - (Queer Asia) ISBN 978-962-209-986-9 (hbk.) £30.50 - ISBN 962-209-986-6 (hbk.) £30.50
China / Queer Studies / Hongkong ; China / Homosexualität / Hongkong ; Lesbe / LGBT / Migrantin / Geschlechterwandel / Eheschließung ; China VR ; (Tc); Film ; (If~Kb); Prostitution ; (Gd); Indonesien ; (Tc)

Drawing from the fields of ethnographic and sociological studies, cultural activism, public health and film studies, this volume poses new challenges to queer studies and demonstrates the study of Chinese sexuality as an emergent field currently emanating from multiple disciplines. The essays showcase the work of emerging and established scholars working mostly outside Euro-America and focus on cities including Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. This book is one of the first sustained collections on Chinese non-normative sexual subjectivities and contemporary sexual politics published in English. It highlights the various ways in which different individuals and communities - including male sex workers, transsexual subjects, lesbians and Indonesian migrants - negotiate with notions of normativity and modernity, fine-tuned according to the different power structures of each context, and making new and different meanings.


I A 2472
On the edges of development : cultural interventions
ed. by Kum-Kum Bhavnani .... [et al.]. - New York, NY : Routledge, 2009. - XIV, 275 S. : Ill. ; 24 cm. - (Routledge studies in development and society ; 18) Includes bibliographical references (p. [245]-268) and index. - Formerly CIP ISBN 0-415-95621-8 (hbk.) : £60.00 : No price
Entwicklungsländer / Frau ; Entwicklungsländer / Wirtschaftsentwicklung / Aufsatzsammlung ; GAD ; Entwicklung ; (A); Gender ; (Gc/Gf); Jamaika ; (Td); Thailand ; (Tc); Neuseeland ; (Tc); Philippinen ; (Tc); Mexiko ; (Td)

Big business, financial institutions, and capitalist powers have wreaked much havoc on the Third World in the name of development. This book re-imagines development through a careful and imaginative exploration of some of the many ways that culture - in the broadest sense of lived experience and its representation - can recenter resistance, suggest alternative models, and advance critiques of development as it is currently practiced. The diverse group of scholars and activists who contribute chapters to the volume engage with the puzzle of how best to conceptualize an alternative development that improves the living conditions of women and men in different parts of the world and simultaneously demands solutions that focus on the integration of gender, diversity, and development with the realities of people's lives.


II E 801
Khan, Sonia
Gender issues in tourism : understanding male and female tourist behaviour
Saarbrücken : VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, 2009. - XVII, 245 S. : graph. Darst. Zugl.: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh Univ., PhD Diss., 2007 ISBN 978-3-639-12466-8
Indien / Geschlechtsunterschied / Tourismus ; Indien / Geschlechtsunterschied / Urlauber

"Gender and Tourism: Understanding Male and Female Tourist Behavior", is an in-depth comparative study identifying the preferences, participation, duties and responsibilities of male and female tourists. The research has investigated the gender roles of tourists and gendered consumer-decision making in vacation decisions. A comparative sample of Indian and Foreign male and female tourists has helped to identify if cultural differences and gender status in society effects travel choices and behaviour. The study also explores assumptions and perceptions related to use of gender images in tourism marketing. The work demonstrates that in contemporary times males and females participate equally in decision making for travel and jointly undertake responsibilities in travel planning. However, gender is a detrimental factor that accounts for differences between males and females in preference for different forms of tourism and participation in different kinds of tourism activities. It is anticipated that the findings of this work will appeal to both researchers and practitioners of tourism who are interested in understanding the gender segments of the tourism market.


I E 944
Women's sexualities and masculinities in a globalizing Asia
ed. by Saskia E. Wieringa ; Evelyn Blackwood ; Abha Bhaiya - 1. pbk. ed. - Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. - XV, 279 S. : Ill. . - (Comparative Feminist Studies Series) ISBN 1-4039-7768-2 - ISBN 978-0-203-61748-3
Asien / Frau / Sexualität / Männlichkeit ; Asien / Lesbe ; LGBT ; Indien ; (Tc); Japan ; (Tc); Indonesien ; (Tc); Thailand ; (Tc); Sri Lanka ; (Tc); Homosexualität ; (Nc/Nd)

A unique collection of writings by both academic and activist scholars on women's same-sex sexualities and female masculinities in a globalizing Asia. Through richly detailed studies, contributors explore the emergence of contemporary lesbian and butch/femme relationships and communities throughout Asia and their location within the context of nationalist struggles, religious fundamentalism, state gender regimes, and global queer movements.


Mandanipur, Šahriyar
Eine iranische Liebesgeschichte zensieren : Roman
Aus dem Engl. von Ursula Ballin. - Zürich : Unionsverl., 2010. - 319 S. Einheitssacht.: Censoring an Iranian love story <dt.> ISBN 978-3-293-00415-3 Gb. : EUR 19.90, ca. sfr 33.90 (freier Pr.)
Roman / Liebesbeziehung ; Iran ; (Tb); Autor ; (Gb)

Ein iranischer Schriftsteller ist es leid, immer nur düstere Romane mit tragischem Ausgang zu schreiben. Also beginnt er eine Liebesgeschichte - ein Projekt mit Tücken. Wie erzählen, wenn es den Liebenden verboten ist, sich allein zu begegnen, sich in die Augen zu schauen. Wie ein mächtiger Schatten wacht Herr Petrowitsch, der Zensor, über jedes Wort und liest sogar die Gedanken des Schriftstellers zwischen den Zeilen. Also müssen Sara und Dara, das junge Paar aus Teheran, tausend Listen und Tricks ersinnen, um sich zu finden. Ihre Liebe muss sich bewähren gegen Anfeindungen und Gefahren, nicht zuletzt gegen die Verdikte des Zensors, der dem Schriftsteller genau dann in die Tasten fällt, wenn die Zauberkraft der Liebe ihre Wirkung zeigt. Wird es dem Schriftsteller gelingen, die Geschichte von Sara und Dara zu einem glücklichen Ende zu bringen?


I C 907
Gender aspects of the trade and poverty nexus : a macro-micro approach
Maurizio Bussolo ; Rafael E. De Hoyos, eds.. - Basingstoke [u.a.] : Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. - XX, 282 S. : graph. Darst. ; 22 cm. - (Equity and development series) ISBN 0-8213-7762-0 (pbk.) : £32.99 - ISBN 978-0-8213-7762-8 (pbk.) : £32.99
Entwicklungsländer / Liberalisierung / Außenhandel / Auswirkung / Armut / Frau / Frauenarbeit ; Kenia ; (Ta); Senegal ; (Ta); Ghana ; (Ta); Honduras ; (Td); Uganda ; (Ta); Freihandel ; (Ha); Einkommen ; (Rk); Kaffee ; (Ee); Exportgut ; (Ha~Rh); Landwirtschaft ; (Eg)

Trade liberalization can create economic opportunities for poor people. But are these opportunities available to men and women equally? Do the gender disparities in access to education, health, credit, and other resources limit the gains from trade and the potential benefits to poor women? This volume introduces the gender dimension into empirical analyses of the links between trade and poverty, which can improve policy making. The collection of chapters in this book is close to an ideal macro-micro evaluation technique that explicitly assesses the importance of gender in determining the poverty effects of trade shocks. Part I, relying on ex ante simulation approaches, focuses on the macroeconomic links between trade and gender, where labor market structure and its functioning play a key role. Part II concentrates on micro models of households and attempts to identify the ex post effects of trade shocks on household income levels and consumption choices. It also addresses questions about possible changes in inequality within households due to improved economic opportunities for women.


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